Lion Cubs defeat the Pioneers

On Saturday, Our U14 basketball girls’ team had a game against Greenhouse Pioneers. The game started with fast action on both ends of the floor

The first quarter started with fast play and the Lion Cubs showing their dominance early on rushing into an early lead with fast plays from end to end. The Cubs ended the first quarter with a 28 point lead!

In the second quarter the Pioneers put on their player who had arrived late and who helped to ignite their team and the Pioneers put on a flurry of baskets on the offensive end, but Youngblood’s maintained their scoring on their offensive end and extended their lead to 36 points at halftime.

The Second half continued with much of the same play from both sides with Ines scoring again & again on the break handed to her from rebounding power as Tinu and Fatima dominated on the boards. Leia with her slick moves under the basket with great footwork on the block. With Vicky and Anais in full hunt mode on defense putting immense pressure on the opposition. Pioneers were outclassed.

Coach Caroline Charles commented that “the team had their first loss of the season last week and have a final goal for the end of the season. This is another step closer to that destination. The team is doing so well even though we have had so much turmoil throughout the season, with losing our home court. I‘m just so proud of what the girls have done so far!”

Final Score: Youngbloods Cubs 99- 38 Pioneers