Youngbloods Cubs Switch it on Ipswich!

LYL Cubs Tinu Fakunle opened the game with the first free throws of the game. The Youngblood girls were undermanned with the half-term holiday’s claiming at least 50% of the team. Fatama Jenneh quickly followed up with a lay-up. Ipswich replied with a basket of their own which settled the away team also. The first few minutes saw the teams exchanging baskets. The Youngblood’s girls then tore away with 8 unanswered points this breakaway seemed to rattle Ipswich and although they went to the free throw line 3 times they only managed to convert 2 out of the 6 chances they had to make points. End of 1st quarter LYL 26-11 Ipswich.

The second and the third quarter saw the young team put away 16 points to Ipswich 9 points. Pulling Youngbloods further into the lead.

Cubs went into overdrive in the fourth quarter with the girls rebounding and stealing the ball and converting basket after basket. Number 6, 9 & 11 went on a scoring pilgrimage, taking the scoreline so far ahead to put the game well out of Ipswich reach. A good team effort from LYL Cubs.

Final score LYL Cubs 87-38 Ipswich.

Coach Stephen Onireti was pleased with the result.

“I am very happy to get the win considering we had players missing for various reasons. It was a good performance for the girls it was tough but we got the job done.”