Caroline Charles honoured by London Youth Games

Caroline Charles recently received an invite to the House of Commons to celebrate her long-term commitment to the London Youth Games.carolineinspiring

“Being involved with the London Youth Games has been a fantastic job that I take so much pride in. Newham has an excellent history in basketball since I’ve been involved with the management of both the boys and girls teams.

“We have loads of different coaches taking on the role of coach for the boys and coach Stephen Onireti has been doing a great job in the past few years. The girls, however, have pretty much always been down to me, with a helping hand from different coaches over the years.

“I really did not realise that I had been doing the Youth games for over 37 years. It was just something I looked forward to ever year. This honour has made me pause to think of all the girls that have played for the Newham teams. It means that I have brought around 450 young females to the London Youth Games – wow that’s awesome.

“I plan to inspire more Newham females into the sport of basketball. I run the girls teams for Newham Youngbloods, inspiring young ladies to take up and stay in sport is really hard, but I must be doing something right.”