U14 Girls defeat Brentwood advance to Quarter-Finals

Youngbloods headed into the first round of the playoffs as one of the top seeds after winning the East Divisional title as Brentwood Fire travelled the short distance to Newham for the first round matchup.

A game played with a terrific sense of urgency between teams wanting to get to the next round of the playoffs. However, The Lion Cubs were the better team on the day with the creative style of play whilst more accurate from field goal range.  Brentwood scored the first basket then Ines Goryanova replied with two points and then shot from beyond the arc. Tinu Fakunle, Vicky Zirora and Leia Edwards all got onto the scoresheet for the first quarter, Fatima Jenneh picked up three fouls in the first quarter so was taken out of the game early. The first quarter finished with Youngbloods ahead by three points, 18-15.

The second quarter Youngbloods came to seal the deal. With intense defence and Ines & Leis making good shots, Brentwood was stunned for 10 unanswered points. After the Brentwood managed to score Youngbloods came back again with another ten unanswered points. Anais Campbell increased her intensity on defense resulting in interceptions and rebounds to help Youngbloods to keep the pressure on Brentwood. End of the second quarter, 48-28

In the 3rd quarter, Fatima came back on the court and started to inject her strength on the court.  Leia Edwards, with her power moves to the basket. Tinu Fakunle proving to be a force to be reckoned with, her excellent rebounding. Ines was ferreting all over the court stealing the ball and initiating fast break again and again. The Lion Cubs started to run riot. Chantelle Okua & Fausta Kuneckyte also got in on the act. End of the third quarter, 69-44

In the 4th with 3 players in foul trouble, the Youngbloods Lion Cubs had held back a little bit, so that we finished the game strong rather than just hold on. The girl rallied together and remained cool, calm and collected to finish the game 82-60

Youngbloods Lion Cubs will face Ipswich in the quarterfinals in 2 weeks time. Coach Caroline commented at the end of the game, “This is the first step we still have a way to go! the girls must stay focused on the job we have to do.”