U18 Women Win Opening Game of Season

Youngblood’s Amazons Under 18 Women also played their first game of the season. Wandsworth Wolves travelled to East London for the first round of the Basketball England National Cup. Youngblood’s won the tip, but failed to put the ball in the basket. Wandsworth ponced on the ball and converted the rebound easily into their basket opening the game on a high note and showing the Amazons that this would not be an easy game Caitlin Stewart a new player into the Amazons squad switch into overdrive and time after time went to the basket either scoring or being fouled and then going to the free throw line to convert her free throw into points. Sadly Yasemin Charles got injured in the 1st quarter which cause Coach Caroline Charles having to change her plans very early into the game. Guylaine Nguede came onto the court and had to work the biggest player for Wolves who was gobbling up all the rebounds, so this player had to be taken away from the game. This Guylaine did to the best of her ability allowing Youngblood’s to finish the 1st quarter 19-15 in the favour of Youngblood’s.

Newham came out to the 2nd quarter feeling much more confident and managed to keep the wolves at bay and Saimae Al-Saber got a steal and attacked the basket, taking on players as the cut deep into the key scoring her lay-up, Tiffany Adelakun started to rebound using her height to Youngblood’s advantage, Wandsworth started to fight back and Youngblood’s just managed to hold the advantage at the end of the 2nd quarter by 1 point Youngblood’s scoring 19 to Wandsworth 18 End of 2nd quarter score 38-33.

Caitlin Stewart started out the third as she had the 1st & 2nd quarter scoring 10 points in the 3rd but distributing the ball well amongst Maria Deldado and Guylaine Nguede converting Caitlin’s passes into points pulling Youngblood’s further ahead. End of the third quarter score 61-53.

The fourth quarter saw Youngblood’s players Al-Saber and Delgado foul out of the game and with Charles unable to go on court because of her injury from the 1st quarter. Youngblood’s were left with only 6 players to finish the last 10 minutes of the game. Wolves realised that Youngblood’s was going to get tired with only 1 sub to put into the game and the applied intense pressure on the point guard. Making her work harder hoping she would make mistakes. However this did not work and the ball was release down court to the fast break runners. Newbie into the game 11 year old Tinu blocked a vital shot from Wandsworth with second on the clock, then pulling down and securing an important rebound, holding the ball and giving a clean outlet to the point guard who held up the ball to run out the game clock out for the close win by 2 points against the Wolves for the Youngblood’s Amazons. Final score 76-74.

“Wow we had to work hard for that win!! This is a very young team and they all need to realise that they all have so much potential” said Youngblood’s Club Head Coach Caroline Charles