Weekend Results 20/21 September 2014

Only one Youngbloods Team in action over the past weekend. The Under 18 Boys Premier Team were in play away at London locals London Thunder – Lewisham.

U18s seal first win in the new Season

The Youngbloods under 18 premier team looked a little flustered as Lewisham thundered into the lead with a 16-2 lead. After a time out to settle the nerves of this team, coach Sam Stiller advised them to stick with the pre-match plan. Youngbloods team stepped back on the court and it seemed that they were now on a mission! They slowly pulled back the 16 points and then pulled ahead, taking the first quarter 25-19. Lewisham seemed stunned that they had lost such a big lead. This allowed Youngbloods to surge forward extending their lead.

Once the team had the lead the final result was never in doubt by the east London team. Lewisham rallied a charge in the last minutes of the game, but Youngbloods contained and controlled the game up to the last whistle. When the whistle did blow Youngbloods claimed the win by 9 points 71-62